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1. Who are we?
- The AEU (Amateur Esports Union) is a global synergistic consortium focused on supporting the scholastic and amateur scene for recruitment.

2. How do we do it?

- Developing infrastructure for all levels of amateur play through our sanctioned leagues and tournament partners. 

3. Age Requirement?

- Age Requirement for our adult 21+ and youth 13+

4. What is our reach?
- Our focused geographic reach is North America, and Canada. With intentions to expand through South America, China, Africa and Europe

5. What are the benefits of our memberships?
-  Streamlined content
-  Rev share opportunities
-  Micro-credentials
-  Skill development opportunities
-  Prize winnings & Scholarships
-  Global recruitment ranking
-  Sanctioned tournaments

6. How do members participate?
- Your players will have to make an AEU account and sign up with one of our sanctioned leagues or tournament partners

7. What type of memberships do you offer?
- Youth , Adult, and Non-Athlete

8. Who can join the AEU? 

- Ages of 13+

9. How do I get a LAN center sanctioned in my area?
- Email us at

10. How  I do register my tournament or league to be sanctioned?
- Email us at

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